A Few of My Videos - Check Back as I Add More Stories

My "Believer" Imagine Dragons cover video was shot in an alley in downtown Phoenix. There were all these awesome murals. I can't imagine painting on a canvas that big. It was a little smelly in that alley, like rotten produce and pee. haha

We had a lot of takes on this one because I couldn't get the words right. I should have made a bloopers video! My "Believer" video has over one million views on YouTube! Thank you for that. :)

My Cover of Unsteady by X Ambassadors has over one million steams on Spotify! Thank you for that! 

I love this song, and this is a special video for me because I produced and edited the video part all myself. We filmed this one at Tempe Town Lake on a bridge over the lake. It was a pretty scene and I was really happy how it came out. 

My Cover of Hard Times by Paramore. Hayley Williams has been one of my biggest inspirations so I was so glad to do this cover. I got to see Paramore in concert in California, in the pit, with my friend Taylor. It really hit!  

We filmed this video by Tempe Town Lake too. This was my only studio recorded video that I filmed all in one take, no cut and pasted scenes. I hope you like my version of the song!

My cover of Ride by Twenty One Pilots. We filmed this video at a park near my house. It was really hot that day and lots of mosquitos. I was a little nervous to go in the drainage tunnel, but there wasn't anything scary in there. 

I have always been a Twenty One Pilots fan and loved seeing them in concert! This video has over one million views and I thank you for that!

My cover of Stitches by Shawn Mendes. This was one of the most interesting video I made. We went to a scary Halloween town and corn maze. No one else was there. It was kind of creepy with fake cut up bodies, chainsaws, aliens and big black birds..

Funny story...the guy who was supposed to be the monster did not show up, so my dad had to be the monster! LOL. I was happy with how the video came out and glad they let us film there!

For my cover of Mercy by Shawn Mendes we filmed first at Tempe Town Lake, then on the Salt River with the trees, then in an abandon midieval building. Our pro friend Aaron filmed most of it.

The ropes represent how my heart is a prisoner, like in the song. I can't break free.

Funny...we had this one giant mirror. I was supposed to be mad, frustrated, in the song and throw a big rock at it. I was afraid I wouldn't throw it hard enough, or straight, and it wouldn't shatter like we wanted....so Aaron threw it. He did perfect! You see my face right before it breaks...lol.

My 7 Years by Lukas Graham cover was used in an MTV cover contest promotion. We filmed it at home and, if you didn't know, my mom films most of the videos. We had this big empty room you see in a lot of my other videos. It's nice to film inside in Arizona because it can be sooo hot! In summer it is 110-115 F a lot. 

I usually memorize lyrics fast, but these were tricky in the verses and I couldn't get it, so we printed out the lyrics and hung them up in front of me close enough so I could read them. My cover of this song always makes my dad cry. :) 

My cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey was filmed in downtown Phoenix. I really love downtown and so we made quite a few videos there. I was a big Halsey fan, and had seen her twice in concert, and my mom likes The Chainsmokers, so was excited to do this song.

This video kind of centered around the selfie stick. I really had a good time just cruising and spinning where ever I wanted to go. You really see my tooth gap, that I don't have now, after my braces. I was happy with this video! 

This was my cover of Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. I did this one because this was my mom's favorite song when it came out. I cleaned up some of the lyrics because I was only 12 years old.

We filmed in my room and I decided to have some fun.. You can see by my poster wall, and book shelf, I was in my Hunger Games / Divergent phase. I was obsessed with them! I was happy with this one too.

My "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy video. I was really in a Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco phase when I made this one in middle school. I still love them both!

There is a canal that runs through the city where some of our water comes from. We were on the bank of the canal for most of this one and at the facility that keeps the canal flowing.. 

The music is by my friends, Brooklyn Duo. They are so nice and great musicians, You can find them on YouTube too.

This was my cover of "In the Name of Love" by  Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha. I loved this song from the first time I heard it! My music producer, Dan, made the most beautiful track for it. I really loved that he added the violins. 

We filmed the video at sunrise (not my favorite time to getat "The Hole In The Rock".  It's a really cool cave formed in the side of a giant rock, or small mountain. When you get to the cave it overlooks part of the city. I had never been there and glad I got to see it! 

This was my cover of "Missing You" by All Time Low. This was one of the coolest videos I ever made because so many of my fans from all over the world submitted clips that we used.  I am a big believer in that "mental health matters", and equal right, and no that one deserves to be treated like they are worthless.

The balloons represent letting go of the things that cause us pain and hold us back. I am so thankful for the response I got from all of you and I hope our message helps!

And did you see the video boom bike rider...lol